Hi there✦ Here're some commercial design projects created by Yalan Wen,
I help bringing ideas to live through visual storytelling,
using skillsets like Visual Design, UI, Motion Graphics, and a bit of Creative Coding.
Check out some project highlights below! You can also find me on and

HIHIT Visual Identity

This is one of the musical instruments that was designed to bring people together. I collaborated with a team searching for sounds made by objects that are easily ignored in our daily lives, and we created musical instruments based on our research. As the lead visual designer in the team, I designed the visual identity system, a booklet of user guides, an infographic poster and animated logo. Through this project, we connect people through music, creating an experience that allows people to interact with the instruments as well as other people.

Visual Design: Yalan Wen Product . Design: Yalan Wen, Yu Yu Chen, Yu Ling Huang, Yi-Chun Chen . Music Composition: Yu Yu Chen, Yalan Wen

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Digiday Experience Packages

The Chain Game is one of the experience package of the Digiday vertical brands-Modern Retail.

Each of the gif file were kept under 1MB for the purpose of optimizing the website performance. In this editorial package we created series of gradient styles illustrations that give a sense of the full scope of challenges companies have faced during the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Designer, Animator

Art Director - Ivy Liu
Designer - Kevin Kim

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More packages:
Token To Play
The Creator Machine
The Great Mall Overhaul
Glossy Metaverse
Social Fragmentation

Glossy 50 2022

Annual list of honorees of the people who shaped fashion and beauty. Design 50 profile photo banners and social headshots, as well as design and animate icons for each category.

Under our brand Glossy, I’ve also created sizzle reels and social gifs for our Glossy Fashion and beauty events.

Designer, Animator

Art Director - Ivy Liu

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Profile Design

Glossy Fashion sizzle reel storyboard: (video upon request)

Clip from the video:


00:01-00:06 Digiday Editorial Art and Animations (00:04 illustration by Simiao Wang)
00:06-00:10 Glossy Fashion Sizzle Reel and Icons
00:11-00:13 Worklife brand Sizzle Reel
00:13-00:16 Token to Play package
00:17-00:18 BumbleBear logo animation
00:19-00:22 SAS batting lab UI design
00:23-00:24 National Geographic Live animation
00:25 Custom Reel animation
00:26 Future of TV animation
00:27-00:29 DPS reel 2023
00:29-00:30 MR vending machine package (Illustration by Simiao Wang)
00:31-00:32 Digiday WTF social
00:33-00:38 Creator Machine package
Digiday Art Direction - Ivy Liu
See SAS batting lab project on this page for Volvox Lab team credits


After Effects . Photoshop . Stop Motion . 3ds Max . C4D . Hand Painted Films

SAS Batting Lab UI Design

I joined Volvox Labs on the batting lab project as a freelance UI designer in 2021. Starting from pitching visual ideas to our client, then deciding we’re going with a more modern, experimental look for the project.

The client’s goal of the project is to get students better at baseball over the course of 6 weeks. From welcome screen, tutorial to feedback cycle (Swing Away, Analyze, Collecting data, Make the Adjustment), I created UI visual language to guide users through the experience, and helped creating some UI animations as well as transiting all the UI lessons design into After Effects compositions to be prepared for animation.

The project is nominated in two categories in The Webby Awards 2023.

Role: Designer

Client: SAS
Agency: McCannDesign
Partner: OBJ
Technolgoy Director / Lead Software Engineer: Ben Forest
Creative Technologist: Matthew Ross
Motion Designer: Pasakorn Nontananadth
Motion Designer: Siriphong Tipayakesorn (Preto HF)
Designer: Yalan Wen
Physical Experience Designer: Zyia Zhang
Fabrication: Max Smith, Benjamin Mosca, AJ Sapala, Ciara Smith
Producer: Gilad Dor

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BumbleBear Games Visual Design

BumbleBear Games is an award-winning independent arcade game company. Since 2020, I’ve worked as the main designer with the marketing team designing event visual, logo animation, new website design, email template design, etc.

For the brand I used a lot of pixel and arcade game style in the design process.

Role: Designer
Client: BumbleBear Games

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National Geo Live animation

Pitch deck series of animation for National Geographic Explorer Alizé Carrère. I animated data of CO2 and temperature graphics as well as earth animation for the Adaptation series. In this project I was able to pick up a new tool in a short amount of time and polish the design before the deadline.

It’s based on PBS documentation series “Adaptation”, in which I animated chalk board style explanation clips in episode 1 and 3.

PBS Adaptation series

Role: Designer, Animator

Client: Alizé Carrère - speaker of National Geographic Live
Art Director: Dustin Grella - Dusty Studio

The Water Dancer

The landing page is designed for a novel written by award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates. My concept is built upon the mysterious and beautiful journey the young Hiram Walker had. I came up with the concept of revealing the mystery. Then I develop the visual style of the landing page and create animations as the main elements. It turned out to be a clean page with strong visual language.


The book is published by One World, which is an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade book publisher. The project was finished during a web design internship at Wix.


Miro Board . Figma . Wix Editor . P5js . Adobe Illustrator . After Effects . Cinema 4D


Animator ・ UI Designer

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Weather Visualization 2019

This is an experiment to turn weather into abstract forms which allows people to compare weather conditions between two citys. The real-time weather data visualization was wrote with Processing and built into the website.


Data Visualization . Weather API . Google Map API . p5.js . processing

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I'm Thinking What I'm Thinking

2020 The interactive immersive installation, I’m thinking what I am thinking, resembles a diagrammatic huge brain processing everyday data. The environment combines sound and generative graphics, creating a subconscious experience for the visitor that calls on their intuition and cognition. It asks the question, ‘Are we completely conscious of our thinking patterns when making a decision?’


Interactive Installation . TouchDesigner . CRT . Sound Design . Motion Graphic


Art Direction . Visual Designer . Creative Technologist - Yalan Wen
Advisor - Anney Bonney, Federico Muelas, Charles Deluga, Michael Romeo
Technical Advisor - Hans Tammen, Benton Bainbridge, Raphael Palefsky, Mary Franck, Terry Dame, Luis Navarro