I'm Thinking What I'm Thinking

The interactive immersive installation, I’m thinking what I am thinking, resembles a diagrammatic huge brain processing everyday data. The environment combines sound and generative graphics, creating a subconscious experience for the visitor that calls on their intuition and cognition. It asks the question, ‘Are we completely conscious of our thinking patterns when making a decision?’

The computer find the synonym of “Thinking”, and then keep finding the synonym of the synonym.

Immersive Installation
Computer generative graphics
space dimension: 4m*4m*4m

itwit-1 itwit-2

House With A Window

This piece was made during the art residency on Governor Island, New York, in 2021. I collected photos of manhattan taken from different angles and started to paint a landscape with pixels.

The landscapes were subtly shown behind a window, projected on a life-sized wooden house. They were cut, destructed, and merged as time passing, compared to the real window behind the installation, it's subjective, distorted, and more of a dreamlike experience.

The installation itself plays with the idea of duality -- the world on the surface and behind the interpretation. It depicts the impulse of finding a truth beyond the realm of our current reality.

Wood, digital projection
(Collaborated with artist - Kraig Blue)


Cascade was shown at CADAF Art Fair 2022 in NYC Web3 Gallery. It is an experimental film based on the imagery of ripple, deep sea, and cascade effects.

While the ripples react to the audio, the color translates subtly from one to another, rippling and covering through other colors.

Audio-reactive generative video

Room View

Room View is a piece documenting the view outside of my room in Manhattan, from April to March 2020. I recorded the sound during 30 days of quarantine (including radio, sirens, people clapping for the essential workers, etc.), and several views of the Chrysler Building in different weather conditions. The melting of photographs or videos is triggered by the sounds. Depicting the state of mind when I was absorbed by the view, quiet and slow. As time passed by, the sound became a way I rely on to know what is happening outside my room - in the real world.

Audio-reactive generative video


Scan is the genrated piece after a performance act in 2019. It was inspired by an accident I encountered at the time. After my arm was injured, I barely remember the details of the accident. Through this work, I’d like to explore the relationship between our body memory and the memory we filled up with our own imaginations. As the strips reveal the scar, the memory of the event is not clear anymore, it’s replaced by our own interpretation.

Art performance
Graphic created from a generative performance using the injured hand as part of the controller

End of the Summer

End of the Summer, installed in one of the old house on Governors Island, assembles a green carpet and a wooden stool with a customized interactive system. The installation invite people to take off their shoes, step on the carpet and experience the cicadas sounds while they sit on the stool. While the natural sound of outdoor and the sound from indoor merged, a special sensation is created by the visiter and the surrounding.
The installation uses continuous sound from nature, bringing visitor's attention to the special atmosphere in the room.

Site specific interactive installation

Video editing in progress, bear with me

Sun and Moon

2019 Interactive installation buit with Arduino based touch board and touchdesigner.


Physical Computing . Arduino-Based Touch Board . Interactive installation


The project explores the idea of how our brain is effected by the surrounding environment. The foam head was taken with me during my visit to Boston. I collected video and audio of each spot I went, and then played with the prospective of the view from the head.


2018 VDMX projection mapping