Yalan Wen is an artist based in New York City who works on computational images, new media installations and motion graphics. Born and raised in Taiwan, she developed her curiosity about art and the world by observing nature. Her work explores the subtle events that happen beyond the surface, finding the balance between simplicity and subtle philosophical interpretations. Graphic design is the foundation of her visual language, which she continued to develop in the MFA Computer Arts program at the School of Visual Arts. Her most recent works incorporate creative programming, experimental music composition and moving images.

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SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery 2020
Making The Way SVA Gallery Juried Exhibition, Online, 2020
Strangelove Time-based Media Festival, Online, 2020
MFA Computer Art Thesis Exhibition, Online, 2020
Pattern, SVA ISO Gallery, New York, NY, US, 2020
Open Studio Full 2019, Computer Art Studio 133, New York, NY, US, 2019
Batch Render, Computer Art Studio 133, New York, NY, US, 2019
Without Computer, Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, Taipei, TW, 2018


Rookie Awards 2020
Paula Rhodes Memorial Award
MFA Computer Art Department Award, SVA
Academic and Creative Excellence Award, SVA
NTNU Department of Design Department Award
GYGABYTE Design Competition - Gold Medal Award
Design Competition of NTNU Department of Design


Acorazado Film Festival 2020
Strangelove Festival Official Selection 2020


Visual Muze Residency 2021 (summer)

Professional Experience

BumbleBear Games

・Freelance Designer —— New York, NY 2020-Present


・Design Intern, Motion Graphic Design —— New York, NY 2019


・Motion Graphic Design, Illustrator —— 2016-Present


・MFA Computer Art Lab Assistant —— New York, NY 2019

NTNU Library History Team

・Graphic Design —— Taipei, TW 2015-2018

NTNU Cycling Club

・Leader of Art and Design —— Taipei, TW 2015-2017

NTNU Art Festival

・Web Promotion Film —— Taipei, TW 2016